My name is Damar Thapa. I am a Hong Kong-trained, now Cork-based, IT & Computing Consultant.  I hold Bachelor of Science (BSc.) in Computing and Master of Science (MSc.) in Information Technology (IT) degrees. I was a soldier  -- a Gurkha soldier -- before I pursued my University degrees and this career.

During my military career, I didn't -- and still don't -- believe in wars. I served in the Brigade of Gurkhas with the belief that we were there to prevent wars, not to fight one.  Only peace brings peace, expecting peace with wars and conflicts is delusional.

I was born in Hong Kong, but I spent my early childhood in a small village in Tanahu District, Nepal, and teen years in Kathmandu before arriving in Hong Kong as a young adult. I am a proud Nepalese by blood, and language. I am from Hong Kong too (my birthplace), where I met my wife, raised a child together, got my degrees, and spent most of my adult life. Hence, a Nepalese by blood and a Hong-Konger (equally proud Hong-Konger) by birth and profession.

My Computing and IT Profession

IT & Computing profession is an exciting profession - there is always something to keep us busy and excited - but it can be chaotic too. I, however, take chaos as part of my job, or opportunity to learn, and this makes the whole thing fulfilling. My profession moves fast, and it is equally vast. So, willing to learn new things, and sometimes relearn the gone day's skills, is a must-have skill before anything else.

I have worked in a wide range of IT projects:

  • system/user support,
  • system integration,
  • system development,
  • network/system security design, implementation, and management,
  • database design, implementation, administration, and management,
  • Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system implementation, etc.

I have a special interest in Open-Source, Internet Technology, Software Engineering (Object-oriented Software Development, Aspect-Oriented Software Development), Networking and Database systems (Relational, Object-Relational, Object Database, XML database, etc.).

I am a self-employed consultant, trading as MaaDi's, in Cork city, Republic of Ireland. Please see MaaDi's website for detail at MaaDi's. If you have any IT or computing jobs/projects, big or small, please do not hesitate to contact me.  

My Languages ( other than computer programming languages)

I am fluent in English and Nepali, and I understand Hindi and Urdu.

What I enjoy when I am not in front of a computer screen?

My personal hobbies include fitness, martial arts, environment, wildlife, animal welfare, community work, etc.

To me, the environment is important, and  'global warming' is real.

I live in Cork city with my wife, daughter, and a little dog, named Mija. I am a vegetarian, and I  practice meditation.



Damar Thapa BSc(Computing), MSc(IT)
Cork, Republic of Ireland