One of a Kind: Mija the dog

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All about a dog named Mija!

1. Adoption

We adopted Mija on the first week of June 2016 from Cork Dog Action Welfare Group (Cork DAWG). The Cork DAWG is a charitable organisation and it has the following statement on its website:
Dog Action Welfare Group, known as Cork DAWG, is a charitable organisation founded in 2007. Created and run primarily by a network of volunteers concerned with the welfare of abandoned, abused and ill-treated dogs in Cork, we aim through our collective experience to improve the lives of Cork’s dogs and to educate the public on dog welfare and dog ownership.
For more details on Cork DAWG, please visit the Official Website of Cork DAWG and its Facebook Page.
During the adoption process, we were in contact with two ladies, Katie and Becky. They were fabulous and true professionals.

2. His birthday

Mija is a terrier puppy/dog, and he was born, as per his records, on 17 March 2016 (on St. Pattrick's day). Born on St. Patrick's Day, apparently, he does not have to celebrate his birthdays alone!
The St. Pattrick's day is a big day for the Irish population in Ireland and Irish living all over the world. It is a public holiday here in Ireland.

3. His name

He got his name 'Mija' from Nepal. 'Mija' is a 'Magar' language word, and it means 'son or daughter'. There are 123 different languages spoken as a mother tongue in Nepal (as per the 2011 Nepalese National census), and the Magar language is one of them.
I cannot speak Magar, but since some people, in my childhood, used to call me 'Magar Mija' (Magar's son) and I never heard them calling the same to my sister, I thought 'mija' was only for 'son'. Can some Magar speakers shade some lights on this, please?
And, by the way, looking at the 'kancha mija' behaviour of this guy (Mija), I think, he knows the meaning!

4. His Sports and favourite things

His favourite activities, in strict order of preferences, are:
  • Swimming,
  • play tags with his friends (dog friends, I mean) in the park,
  • play football with us in the car park,
  • play fight or tug-of-war at home, etc.
He greets every dog he meets on the street, big or small, and shows no aggression to anybody. He really is a cool guy!
For him, a chance of playing with some of his best friends is like having a party with plenty of cocktails, and with the same effect -- next day hangover!

5. Summary

'Dogs are our best friends' and how we treat our best friends, or any other animals, is a true reflection of who we are as individuals.
There are more things I have to learn from him than I have to teach him to be a good dog. To me, he is a perfect dog.

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