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Eclipse readies next enterprise Java for mid-2020

2 months 2 weeks ago

The Eclipse Foundation plans to release Jakarta EE 9, a version of enterprise Java with the new jakarta.* namespace, in mid-2020. Jakarta EE 9 will not have major new functionality.

A key goal of Jakarta EE 9 is to lower the barrier to entry to new vendors and implementations. Primarily seen as a tooling release, Jakarta EE 9 is intended to:

  • Serve as a platform for developers to use as a stable target for testing migration to the new namespace. Eclipse has been unable to gain permission from Oracle to evolve specifications under the previous javax namespace.
  • Make the release available quickly as a platform for innovation.
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Jakarta EE 9 represents a “major inflection point” in the platform, Eclipse Executive Director Mike Milinkovich said. Key elements of the release plan include moving all specification APIs to the jakarta namespace and eliminating unwanted and deprecated specifications.

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Paul Krill

What is service-oriented architecture?

2 months 3 weeks ago

First publication date: June 2005.

Service-oriented architecture (SOA) is an evolution of distributed computing based on the request/reply design paradigm for synchronous and asynchronous applications. An application's business logic or individual functions are modularized and presented as services for consumer/client applications. What's key to these services is their loosely coupled nature; i.e., the service interface is independent of the implementation. Application developers or system integrators can build applications by composing one or more services without knowing the services' underlying implementations. For example, a service can be implemented either in .Net or J2EE, and the application consuming the service can be on a different platform or language.

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Raghu R. Kodali
1 hour 6 minutes ago
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